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The second of an anticipated five volume series, Rubaphilos Salfluĕre’s The Hermes Paradigm, Book Two: The First Work edges closer to completion. Dedicated readers and students of alchemy who pre-ordered the title – initially scheduled for publication during February 2012 – should by now have received their free Salamander and Sons ‘2012 YEAR OF THE SALAMANDER’ tote bag by way of apology for the unforeseen delay, and as a humble gesture of thanks for the continued and unwavering support.

Tote Bag - 2012 is the Year of the Salamander!

2012 is the Year of the Salamander!

Much like its predecessor, this second book of The Hermes Paradigm cycle is a slender and perhaps unassuming looking paperback of approximately 165 pages, overflowing with undiluted insights into the Western mysteries.

The Hermes Paradigm, Book Two: The First Work consists of two parts and 14 chapters. Part One, ‘Thesis’, includes chapters on: Science; the Creation of Matter; the Nature of Matter; Spagyria; and Equipment. Part Two, ‘Praxis’, includes chapters on: Astrology and the Crude Matter; Separation and Putrefaction (the First Stage of the Work); Purification (the Second Stage of the Work); Cohobation (the Third Stage of the Work); Of Stones, Circulata and Entia (the Summit of the First Work); the Primum Ens Melissæ; and Rejuvenation. The text also includes a glossary, a bibliography and multiple appendices.

The three Principals from The Hermes Paradigm, Book Two: The First Work

The three Principals from The Hermes Paradigm, Book Two: The First Work

The Hermes Paradigm, Book Two: The First Work is profusely illustrated, with illustrations and diagrams pertaining to: the spread of the Western mystery tradition, post 1200 AD; the manifestation of Fire; the evolution of the Elements; the three Principals; the hexagram and its Elements; the traditional symbols of the Principals; the alchemical Elements; the quaternary of the Elements; Elements composed of the Principals; a numeric consideration of the alchemical process; the pentagram; a novice’s glassware; Natural death in the Plant Kingdom; the Principals of a living system contained; Circulation in the Plant Work; Continuum of the Principals; and the Three become One.

The revised publication date for The Hermes Paradigm, Book Two: The First Work is late July / early August 2012.

While enduring the wait for Book Two, the wise reader is encouraged to study the contents of Rubaphilos Salfluĕre’s somewhat recent ezine, The Hermět.

Rubaphilos Salfluĕre’s ezine, The Hermět

Rubaphilos Salfluĕre’s ezine, The Hermět

Dubbed an e’zine of Hermetism for the e’mortal, Issue No. 1, Southern Summer 2012 is an orientation issue featuring the following articles: A Definition of Hermetism; Spiritual Alchemy, a Rationale; Pearce the Black Monke upon the Elixir (being verse on the subject of the acetate path); plus a detailed exposition upon the issue’s cover artwork (Rubaphilos’ reproduction of the second plate from Rosarium Philosophorum, or The Rosary of the Philosophers). Rubaphilos’ editorial from the first issue of The Hermět is presented below:

It is my intention, primarily, to use this e‘zine to record ideas about Hermetism which are of interest to students of the Western alchemical tradition. From time to time I will not only publish my own ‘off the chuff’ rants on Hermetic subjects, as well as deliberately designed rants, but will also publish items from classic alchemical literature, excerpts from emails, IRC [internet relay chat] channel discussion logs, email forum posts, etc. that are of interest (and where circumstances allow). So the primary plan is to gather together information and ideas that are circulating online, specifically. I believe this is a good way to help people find resources that they may previously have been unaware of, and to expand their own awareness of just what is going on ‘underground’ (if you will). At the same time, to help give some idea of how to assess productive information from that which is really just plain garbage.

In numbering these publications I have opted for a less conventional approach. Instead of listing them by number and then grouping those numbers in to volumes (annual sets), I will keep things simple and just number them as consecutive ‘issues’. I have opted for wide margins on the left and right both because I think it looks better, and because it will allow me to add margin notes (my own comments) on occasion, especially when publishing classic texts. I have no intention of establishing a fixed minimum and/or maximum number of pages per edition, nor a regular publishing cycle. I will make each issue as long or as short as I like, and will publish at random. Some issues will cover a bunch of topics with a number of articles, some only one topic and one article. It is my desire to attempt to get at least three editions out per year, with the intention of more, as often as possible. But it all depends on available time and available information. I will on occasion provide a list of previously published copies of this e’zine for anyone collecting them, and will send copies via email to anyone who has missing editions from their collection. I also welcome inquiries via email if I have taken a while to get the next edition out, and you want to know when it will be available.

I also suggest, to anyone distributing copies of these e‘zines digitally or in hardcopy, to include this first issue with any others you pass on. This is because herein is the only place I will be explaining all the basic info’ about this e‘zine.

I will also accept requests for articles (that is, I will write on subjects by request), from readers. I will also, on occasion, accept articles submitted by readers, where they are sufficiently worthwhile, and as long as they fit the overall theme of the e‘zine.

The range of subjects to be discussed here are (in order of importance): lab alchemy, inner alchemy, Hermetic initiation, magic, qabala, info about various schools within the Hermetic tradition, initiatory teaching and learning techniques, past adepts (bios), classic Hermetic literature, Hermetic art, esoteric history, alchemical (and other esoteric) cryptography, astrology, divination, tarot, magic ritual, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, the Grail and Arthurian mysteries, modern Hermetic literature, esoteric therapeutics, esoteric psychology, chemistry / physics / botany and biology when related to alchemy. All of which shall be addressed specifically to the Western and Hermetic tradition. If you have an article to submit, please, no Eastern terminology (unless there is no Western equivalent), nor subject matter or articles about systems which are not Western and Hermetic. Articles must be serious and contain sound information, and include reference notes where possible.

Many of the ideas I will present in future issues can be found in their rudimentary form in my official published book material: beginning with The Hermes Paradigm series. These books contain information on all of the foundation principles discussed in the articles which I personally produce for this e‘zine, and I will reference them frequently. (Some of them before they are even released). Copies of those books can be obtained from http://www.salamanderandsons.com, and I will publish information as new editions in the series are released.

Lastly, it is relatively well known that I teach Hermetic alchemy within an organisation called The HEREDOM GROUP. On occasion I will make reference to that GROUP, since I often write with the intention of clarifying concepts that are part of the tuition and research within that GROUP, for its members and past members. Also some of the information that ends up in this publication will come directly out of that GROUP. So I welcome inquires via email if anything I mention on that subject is of interest to you.

Download Rubaphilos Salfluĕre’s ezine, The Hermět here.